Pay Easy Installments

Pay for your favorite purchases—from tour packages, latest gadgets, to gym membership fees—in easy monthly installments! And yes, no credit cards needed!

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How to pay installments

  • Sign Up with Jungle

    Sign up for a Jungle account so you can start paying installments without a credit card.

  • Get Approved

    Apply for a Jungle credit line by completing the application form provided to your email.

  • Shop & Pay Installments

    Once approved, you may now start using Jungle whenever you shop so you can pay installments.


I have no credit history, can I still apply for a Jungle account?

Yes, you can! Jungle uses a unique credit scoring system that enables us to determine your capability to handle credit whether you have an existing credit history or not.

How much interest and fees do you charge to your customers?

Our interest rates depend on our customers' credit scores and the risks involved in every application. Although we don't charge any transaction fees, we do charge a 0.5% daily late fee.

How long do I need to pay my loan?

You can choose to pay your loans in three, six, or twelve months. You may choose the repayment term that will be easy on your budget.

Is Jungle only available for gadget loans?

No. You can use Jungle in almost every purchase that requires term payments like tour packages, fitness gym membership fees, dental & medical bills, and many more.

As we grow, expect that Jungle will expand our partner merchants community so you can use our service in different kinds of purchases.