Credit+ is a life insurance coverage provided by Philam Life which protects both Jungle lenders and borrowers together with their families. Credit+ provides peace of mind for both borrowers and lenders knowing that any unsettled loans will be fully paid when a borrower is taken out of the picture. Credit+ also provides extra financial support to the borrower's family through the excess proceeds of the coverage.

Here are the benefits Credit+ has to offer:

  • Credit+ covers the total amount of the loan, giving borrowers and lenders the peace of mind.
  • All excess coverage proceeds will be given to the beneficiaries of the borrower after fully paying the unsettled loan amounts.
  • Credit+ gives Jungle Borrowers an increased chance for their loans to be fully funded quickly because of the peace of mind it gives to Jungle Lenders.

Credit+ covers every loan in the Jungle Loans Marketplace.